Genie Quickstock

The Genie Quickstock (Genie QS) vertical mast lifts are compact, low weight machines, the ideal platform for order picking and a safer alternative to rolling stairs or ladders. 3 models with varying working heights, all with a zero inside turning radius, non-marking wheels, dual entry stock-picking platform and include a front load shelf and maintenance free batteries.

The order picking machine is available in 2 versions, the Quickstock warehouse version and the retail version. The retail version has dual flashing beacons and an obstruction sensing pad on the top of the chassis, to prevent the platform from lowering if something has been placed on the chassis.

To speak to a Genie Quickstock specialist at Workplatform, call 01332 856359

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QS 8

Genie QS12 Quickstock

Genie QS12 is the smallest Quickstock lift in the range, with a working height of 5.45m, motion alarm, ideal for stock picking.

Working Height (m): 5.45 m Lift Capacity (kg): 227 kg Power: Electric

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QS 9

Genie QS15 Quickstock

Genie QS15 A mid-size version of the quickstock lift, with a working height of 6.52m. Featuring a motion alarm sensor As with all Quickstock models it is available in either a Retail or Warehouse configuration.

Working Height (m): 6.52 m Lift Capacity (kg): 227 kg Power: Electric

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genie quickstock2

Genie QS20 Quickstock

The largest model in the range with 0.80m width and a working height of 8.02m.

Working Height (m): 8.02 m Lift Capacity (kg): 159 kg Power: Electric

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