Push around material lift – Genie Super Hoist

Compact and easy to use pneumatic lift, fully portable, easy to set up and store. Powered by standard compressed air bottle.

The Genie Super Hoist is available in 2 sizes:

  • GH3.8 will lift 136Kg / 300lbs to 3.8 m
  • GH5.6 will lift 113Kg / 250 lbs to 5.6 m

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Genie GH-3.8 Super Hoist Material Lift

Popular with heating and ventilation companies due to its portability.
Will lift 136kg to 3.8m, powered by nothing more than a compressed air bottle.

Lift Capacity (kg): 136kg Working Height (m): 3.80m Stowed Height (m): 1.04m

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Genie GH5.6 Super Hoist Material Lift

Genie GH-5.6 Super Hoist Material Lift

Fully portable air hoist weighing only 37kg.
Lifts up to 113kg, to a maximum height of 5.6metres, powered by a compressed air bottle.

Lift Capacity (kg): 113kg Working Height (m): 5.6m Stowed Height (m): 1.37m

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