Look Who’s Back

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Posted: 2nd February, 2021

Leicester based Midland Access can’t get enough of the Genie GS-4655. Here they are picking up two more from Genie’s UK Distributor Workplatform. Steve Beynon, Managing Director at Midland, says “I can’t believe how quickly customers catch on to new products, we have only had these in our fleet for a few weeks and customers are already calling asking for the product by name”

The Genie GS-4655 is one of Genie’s new E-Drive models which means that it has AC drive motors resulting in 70% fewer hydraulic hoses and fitting, a 30% increase in runtime, a faster charge time and up to a 35% reduction in overall maintenance costs.

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Jonathan Hull of Workplatform add’s “These new E-Drive models have been well thought out and little changes like deeper tread tyres, diamond plate platforms and side and rear forklift pockets will make a real difference to companies like Midland Access”.