Swedish company Kranpunkten orders 173 Genie’s

Kranpunkten 2018

Posted: 5th March, 2018

Swedish company Kranpunkten orders 173 Genies; this demonstrates the trust the Swedish Hire company has in the Genie brand, it is due to the high level of product design and service currently delivered to their existing fleet, which now stands at 2,800 units, with various aerial work platforms.

This order backs up the fourth quarter results recently released by Genie, which stated that sales were 18.5 percent higher at $449.4 million. President Matt Fearon said: “We enter 2018 with clear signs that markets are improving for the first time in several years and we believe the Genie business is well positioned for the improving market.”

Kranpunkten 2018

Predominantly comprised of Genie Xtra Capacity™ (XC™) telescopic boom lifts, Genie GS™ scissor lifts and Genie GTH™ compact telehandlers, the majority of the machines were delivered in December 2017. The remaining 30 units will be delivered by May this year.

For Rikard Jönsson, Purchase Manager, Kranpunkten AB: “The great thing with Genie is that we know that have the best of both worlds! By this I mean, great products and great service ‑ regardless of the level of our investment.” He continues: “Unlike other brands, with Genie, it’s never just a case of placing an order and turning up for the handover. Reliable, skilled support is paramount, and the service provided by Thomas Andersson and his team here in Sweden is always very professional and responsive before and after sales, which for us was decisive in our decision process.”

Commenting on the delivery: “In terms of outreach on a straight boom, the Genie SX™-135 XC lift is really top end.  Thanks to the 5.48 to 9 m Genie Telescoping Jib-Extend™ that offers up-and-over capabilities and 125 degrees of jib articulation, the range of motion is excellent. As far as productivity is concerned, with their dual 300 kg (unrestricted)/454 kg (restricted) lift capacity – both the Genie SX-135 XC and S®-85 XC booms are timely additions to our fleet. Scandinavians are known for being tall, and the younger generation is even taller and consequently heavier than before. This is one of the reasons for which the market has been ready for extra capacity machines for quite some time, and demand is rising. Most construction jobs will benefit from these Genie XC machines, notably for applications that need up to two people with heavy tools.”

He continues, “We have a great track record with Genie scissor lifts. They are exceptionally reliable, their full height drive is an excellent feature, and the long battery cycles of the DC models are a big advantage. The rough terrain units are particularly tough and robust. In terms of uptime and efficiency, the Genie SmartLink™ diagnostics and troubleshooting system helps operators and technicians save a lot of time. We also find that Genie scissor lifts are quick and easy to service and maintain a high resale value. As a result, Total Cost of Ownership (TOC) is low, which is a welcome benefit for any rental business.”

Specific models of Kranpunten’s new delivery include  Genie SX-135 XC  and S-85 XC telescopic boom lifts, Genie ZX™-135/70 articulating boom lifts, Genie GS- 1930, GS -1932, GS-2646, GS-3246, GS- 4047, GS-4069, GS-4069 DC, GS- 4390 RT electric and diesel-powered scissor lifts and Genie GTH-2506 compact telehandlers.