Genie Super Tower

Designed for use in the entertainment industry, the Genie Super Tower is widely used in theatres to lift and support lighting, sound systems and stage scenery. Its flat black anodised finish blends in backstage, making it almost invisible to audiences.
Can be used individually or in combinations of two or more, to support trusses. Easy to set up, transport and store.

  • Fits through a single door and is easy to transport
  • No tools required for setup
  • Durable steel forks
  • Hand winch locks in place when handle is released
  • Reversible winch handle for easy storage

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ST 1

Genie ST20 Super Tower Material Lift

Lifts 363kg to a maximum height of 6.46m with the forks up, and at only 230kg, can be used on sensitive surfaces.

Lift Capacity (kg): 363kg Working Height (m): 5.94 m Stowed Height (m): 2.2 m

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super tower

Genie ST25 Super Tower Material Lift

The larger Super Tower™ lift with a maximum height of 7.94m and load capacity of 295Kg.

Lift Capacity (kg): 295kg Working Height (m): 7.42 m Stowed Height (m): 2.2 m

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