Deskglider™ Access Platform

Constantly working over desks, tables and workbenches?

Nobody likes to be asked to clear their desk in order for it to be moved to gain access to the space above, it’s time consuming and can cause disruption. Standing on the desk, table or workbench is out of the question, as is leaning unsafely from stepladders. Deskglider™ eliminates this problem and allows for the work to be done safely, efficiently and with minimal disruption to the workplace.

The Deskglider™ access platform is a single person unit that offers the operator a maximum working height of up to 4m and is not only perfect for over desk access, but also comes into its own for low level work in corridors and confined spaces. Moving the Deskglider™ from location to location is also very easy as the unit has been designed to allow it to tilt into or onto the back of most light commercial vehicles.

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Deskglider 2

Deskglider over desk access platform

The Deskglider access platform allows safe above desk access and has been developed to solve an industry wide issue of how to work above desks.

Working Height (m): 4.00m Lift Capacity (kg): 150kg Power:

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