Genie Xtra Capacity Booms take Rental yard to the next level

Genie SX 135 XC 1 low res

Posted: 10th July, 2018

Like us at Workplatform, ‘Lindig Fördertechnik GmbH’, a rental company based in Germany takes pride in offering the latest access solutions. These distinctive features and benefits, from the Xtra Capacity range, means operators can fit three people in a basket (within a limited envelope range) and carry extra tools. This innovative product range increases the productivity of our users by generating better up-time. We know this benefits our customers and are excited that we can offer these solutions to our wide variety of industry users.

Genie SX-135 XC_1_low_res

They are the first to add the new Genie® Z®-60/37 FE hybrid articulating boom to its fleet two years ago. With evolving market needs in mind, the company next proceeded to renew its offering with the successive acquisition of ten Genie Xtra Capacity™ (XC) Z-45 XC™ articulating boom lifts. Today, the renewal process continues with the delivery of the first 27.91 m Genie S® -85 XC telescopic boom lift in Germany this May, followed by the reception of a 43.15 m Genie SX™-135 XC telescopic boom lift this June.

Offering an unrestricted lift capacity of 300 kg for two people and a restricted 454 kg capacity for three people while still leaving room for tools and materials, Genie Xtra Capacity boom lifts open the door to new application opportunities and provide the ability to do more with a single machine.

Christina Eckenfelder, Aerial Work Platform Manager, LINDIG, explains the company’s approach: “We attach great importance to offering our customers a modern, state-of-the-art Glenie SX-135 XC Lindig_2_low_resfleet and are particularly confident in the reliability and capabilities of Genie articulating and telescopic boom lifts. The overall economic situation in Germany is excellent and rental demand in our region is strong. However, these days 227 kg lift capacity is simply not enough for many applications, which is why we decided to update our fleet with the latest generation of Genie XC boom lifts. We have found that customer demand for higher load capacity is increasing, especially for 300 kg across the full working envelope. Offering a working height of 27.9 m, thanks to its increased lift capacity, our new Genie S-85 XC boom lift was rented out as soon as it was delivered, and we’re expecting rates of utilization to be high.”

LINDIG has been looking forward to the upcoming delivery of its new Genie SX-135 XC boom lift. In addition to its XC lift capacity, this model notably offers 3 m more outreach than any other comparable telescopic boom. It features the telescoping Genie Jib Extend™ boom. Providing additional reach and articulating benefits, enhanced by 125° of jib rotation, the Genie JibExtend boom telescopes out from 5.48 m to more than 9 m to offer the precision needed to get to places that cannot be reached with other telescopic boom jib designs. Jobsite manoeuvrability and transport are also made easier thanks to the reduced dimensions of this model’s Mini Genie XChassis™ axle system.

“When it comes to such a large boom, we always involve our team in the purchase decision, and thoroughly analyse it. ,” says Eckenfelder. “After the performance demonstration of the equivalent demo machine, out team was rapidly convinced and we have every confidence that our new Genie SX-135 XC booms lift will offer us a wider field of new rental opportunities, particularly in the construction and maintenance sectors, as well as for the installation and service of illuminated signage and advertising,” notes EckenfelderGenie_S-85 XC Lindig_2_low_res

Focusing on the renewal of the company’s fleet, as Eckenfelder explains: “The replacement of the popular 16 m Genie Z-45/25 RT by its successor, the Genie Z-45 XC that offers 300 kg unrestricted and 454 kg restricted lift capacity, has been very conclusive. It’s a process that will take a few years, but eventually, all our machines will be Genie XC models. With its 16 m working height, the Genie Z-45/25 RT boom lift remains a great standard machine, which is a must-have in any rental yard that provides excellent rental returns on invested capital. Thanks to their oscillating axle system, positive drive traction and tight turning radius, both these models are extremely versatile, terrainable and manoeuvrable.”

For LINDIG other advantages come with owning Genie machines that play a key role in the company’s fleet management strategy.

According to Eckenfelder: “Genie work platforms are extremely reliable and durable and their residual value is high. Financially speaking this is a big advantage when it comes to reinvesting to renew a fleet with the latest generation of machines. Furthermore, on the technical side, the engineering of different Genie product families is very similar, so by replacing our earlier models with their new Genie XC counterparts, our technicians do not need to acquire new skills as they are already familiar with the machines’ designs and maintenance protocols. And since Genie boom lifts share common components, our spare parts stock is much simpler to handle.”

She concludes: “But above all, the primary reason for choosing Genie as our unique supplier is for our customers. When they need an articulating or telescopic boom lift, with LINDIG they know that in most cases they will be renting a Genie. This means that they are ready to set to work confidently and rapidly, which is a real advantage for end-users. I am fully convinced that the Genie XC concept is a wise choice that will contribute to taking our business to the next level.”