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Posted: 5th May, 2017

European Launch of the new Genie® S-80 XC™ and S-85 XC booms at APEX, Xtra Capacity models update Genie’s popular telescopic booms.

As Genie continues to expand its range of Xtra Capacity™ (XC) boom lifts, the new Genie® telescopic S™-80 XC™ and S-85 XC booms update the brand’s popular earlier telescopic units. Providing the ability to perform a wider range of heavier lift tasks on construction and industrial job sites, both these new Genie XC models include new features to help increase productivity and efficiency. Marking their European premiere, the new Genie S-85 XC boom was showcased in Amsterdam 2-4 May at APEX.

Availability for these new Genie S-80 and S-85 boom models is planned globally end of Q1 2018 depending on the region.

New Features

New to these models, the Genie S-80 XC and S-85 XC booms feature automatic envelope control. This is the ability to automatically retract as the booms reach their operating envelope, allowing forGenie S-80 XC and S-85 XC models with redesigned boom structure simple platform positioning and an enhanced operator’s experience. And, they are equipped with a load sense cell that continuously checks the weight in the platform and limits the operating envelope to match the load chart, all while boasting the ability to do zero-load field calibrations.

To support additional weight on the platform, the Genie S-80 XC and S-85 XC models are engineered with a redesigned boom structure that boasts increased performance, the range of motion and envelope control, as well as a robust jib capable of easily handling the 1,000-lb (454 kg) maximum capacity.

Additionally, the new Genie S-80 XC and S-85 XC telescopic booms have been updated with a new state-of-the-art CAN-based ALC600 control system Genie S-80 XC and S-85 XC models redesigned(replacing the earlier ALC500). Altogether smarter, both technicians and operators will find the new ALC600 much simpler and more straightforward to use. Marking a significant improvement in terms of diagnostics and troubleshooting capabilities, settings and parameters can now be modified directly on the machine without the need for any additional tools. Overall connectivity with customer telematics systems is also enhanced. New and improved features include a clear display of gauges on the display controller, new full error code readouts with text, as well as a service mode providing clear menus for settings and parameters. For added flexibility, with the new ALC600, software updates can now be performed directly from the control panel without the need for a laptop computer via USB. Technicians also benefit from password protected fault logs that display the last 100 faults for both the engine and the machine.

Key specifications and benefits

While these new models continue to share a commonality in design, parts and accessories with the other Genie products in customers’ rental fleets. These updated Genie telescopic S-booms retain the productivity features that enhance customers’ ability to get work done quickly, including:

  • Ramped boom control system providing smooth boom functions and control
  • Virtual pivot primary boom that aligns the machine’s centre of gravity for machine weight
  • efficiency — 16,670 kg (36,750 lb) on the Genie S-80 XC model and 17,781 kg (39,200 lb) on the Genie S-85 XC unit
  • 4WD and positive traction drive that maintains equal power to all drive wheels
  • Fixed-width axles for faster setup
  • Active oscillating axle for enhanced traction on rough terrain
  • 360˚ continuous turntable rotation for quick positioning

The Genie S-80 XC model boasts 26.38 m (86 ft) working height with 20.83 m (68 ft) of outreach. The Genie S-85 XC has 27.9 m (91 ft) working height with 22.71 m (74 ft 6 in) of outreach. Both units are equipped with a 74-hp (55 kW) Tier 4F/Stage IIIB diesel engine. The XC design on these boom lifts also includes a 1.83 m (6-ft) or a 2.44 m (8-ft) tri-entry platform with side-swing gate to make it easy to get people, tools and job site materials in and out of the basket.These booms’ XC features give customers the ability to work with up to three people onboard while still leaving room for tools and job site materials.