Batteries for Access Platforms

Trojan deep cycle batteries are ideal for most types of access platform and provide high energy, extended performance, low maintenance and an long lifespan.

Trojan 27TMX with POD vent

12v Flooded / wet lead-acid battery for use with Genie AWP or IWP models.


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Trojan L16G-AC with Bayonet Cap

Suits Genie Z30/20N or Z45/25 DC / Bi-Energy Articulating Booms.


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Trojan T-105 with Bayonet Cap

Ideal battery for the small Genie electric scissor lifts and Runabouts.


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Trojan T-125 with Bayonet Cap

Trojan battery, suitable for the wider base Genie electric scissor lifts.


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Trojan T-145 with Bayonet Cap

Flooded/wet lead-acid battery, suits the Genie TZ50 Trailer Mounted Z Boom.


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Trojan L16H with Bayonet Cap

Battery with bayonet cap, suitable for use with Genie electric boom lifts.


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